Friday, November 05, 2004

How To Break the 48% Barrier

As previously noted, some good talk going on on Cyn's blog. But I'm posting this here because, damn it, I need the traffic. :)

TalkLeft has reprinted this email describing the day of a typical Republican. And while it's apparently inflammatory (see the comments), I think there's something valuable here, that being: "Joe" is the voter we need. "Joe" owes a great deal to the liberals and progressives. But "Joe" doesn't know it; all he knows is that liberals are Saddam-loving people who want to overtax him in order to pay for gay weddings, because that's what is drummed into his head, day after day after day.

It won't benefit Democrats to reach out to the middle by becoming more Republican. All that does is validate Ralph Nader, and the last thing we need is Nader out there saying that Democrats and Republicans are the same, and being right.

No, the correct way to reach out to the undecided, and the moderate conservatives, isn't to change; rather, it's to show them the truth about liberalism. Liberalism isn't there just to protect and benefit gays, or blacks, or illegal aliens, or drug users. Liberalism is there to protect and benefit hunters, and home-schoolers, and right-wing radio talk show hosts. Sure, we want to tax you. So does the Right. The difference is, Liberals want to spend your tax dollars to to protect and benefit everyone, not just give it to the top 1%.

How do we reach "Joe" with that message? AirAmerica is certainly a start, but it's only that -- because I sincerely doubt "Joe" is listening. I don't have the answer; I'm just asking the question. But I think it's the right question.