Sunday, November 07, 2004

Kitten Blogging

It's been an interesting two weeks.

Some six-year-olds are ready for a kitten. We thought, having had cats around her from the beginning, that Emma would be one of those. She assured us she was. She really isn't.

Add to that Smudge's sudden onset of severe diarrhea and a respiratory infection, and we were prepared for the inevitability of returning him to the shelter. The last thing we wanted was for our old, fragile girls to get sick from something the kitten brought with him.

But with medication, both the sneezing fits and the diarrhea passed. Emma still treats Smudge more like an annoying younger brother than an adored pet, but we can live with that. So Smudge stays. And I'm glad -- despite his annoying ways.

Oh, and he does have annoying ways. He cries for wet food constantly, despite an ample supply of dry food. If you get anywhere near the kitchen counter, he uses you for a ladder -- which means you'd better be wearing something baggy and skin-covering. And you'd best not be standing between him and wet food, or he'll chew right through you, hissing all the way. I think we should have named him "Stitch" -- he bears a striking resemblance.

One funny/scary incident: we have a gas log in our fireplace, and it's hard to remember sometimes that it actually was a functional fireplace at one time, burning wood or perhaps coal. Under the gas log (which is so low that only a kitten could even think of getting under it) is a metal trap-door used to sweep ashes into a basement ash pit. Do I need to tell you the rest? Didn't think so. (I've since put a metal plate over the trap-door.)