Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thanks For All the Papadams

There's so much to be thankful for in the last few days.

Thanks, Scooter, for the camera. It died on Thanksgiving day; it served me all too briefly, but very well while it lasted, and I would not dream of complaining. If you'd like, I'll give it back so Eryn can drag it around the yard per the original plan.

Thanks, arsi, for the music. Great stuff.

Thanks, Kirby, for challenging me. I will find and read that book.

Thanks, Kevin, for offering to take back CDFFL. Oh, wait -- I was hallucinating again, wasn't I?

Thanks, Ming, for all of your help and wonderful work, and for your great comments on my annual review. Would you like to take over CDFFL?

Thanks, Lisa, for lol'ing even when I'm not funny. In other words, most of the time.

Thanks, Cyn, for reminding me daily that Red states aren't just Red people.

Thanks, Meggie, for offering me the #2 slot on the 2012 Megocratic ticket based on looks alone. That made me feel all warm inside, and I never thanked you. (Have you scheduled your Lasik yet?)

Thanks, CompUSA, for having just enough of those $30 hard drives in stock so that I could see someone grab the last two just as I got to the shelf at 6:05 Friday morning. (Okay, not really sincere gratitude. I'm winding down.)

Thanks to those not mentioned, for things not mentioned. You know who you are. If you don't, check your wallet; there's probably a driver's license or library card in there somewhere.

Thanksgiving day was supposed to begin for us with a stint as "Meals-on-Wheels" delivery people, dropping off complete turkey-day dinners to families in need. We did this last year, and felt that it was an appropriate and uplifting way to spend a portion of our Thanksgiving. It is, I suppose, a good thing that so many volunteers showed up that we were turned away without a delivery route. Damn all those good-hearted people. Next year we need a back-up plan, or a whole different place to help out

Although this disappointment started the day in hollow fashion, we quickly made up for that by baking a pumpkin pie and a cheesecake. Nothing takes the edge off of disappointment like a rich dessert.

But we couldn't eat dessert until we'd had supper. Since Kristi is a strict lacto-ovo-vegetarian, and Emma mostly is (we've explained about the gelatin in Jello and marshmallows, but kids have to draw the line somewhere), we've haven't done a "traditional" Thanksgiving meal since we left family behind and moved to Minnesota. We've tried various things along the way, but this year, like most years, we had Indian food. Channa dal (curried chickpeas), raiti (cucumber/yogurt salad), sambar masala (spicy lentil soup, a new addition to our Indian menu), mango chutney, basmati rice, and papadams.

This time out, Kristi picked up a different brand of papadams than we usually use. Unaccountably, they feature a pink bunny on the packaging. I dusted off the old Casio digicam and took a picture. (Yes, it's a really old digicam, a Casio QV-11; this image is full size, right out of the camera, in its full .12 megapixel glory. But it, too, was a freebie. I'm hoping for a modern camera for my birthday.)

By the way, I can state for the record that pink bunnies fry up real yummy.

And now, this morning, our new garage is getting its first real dusting of snow. I'd take a picture, but you've seen our garage, and you've seen snow. Besides, you'd be amazed how long it takes to download a .12 megapixel image from this dinosaur.