Wednesday, April 06, 2005


... to blog more. Because Kevin doesn't think I blog enough. (Or, more accurately, he doesn't think I blog as much as Scooter, which is undeniably true.)

Emma is gone this week, off to California for her spring vacation, playing with her cousins, going to the beach with her grandparents, and generally having a wonderful time. Kristi and I, on the other hand, are stuck here working, redecorating, and not feeling well. Oh, to be young.

Because we were both feeling crappy yesterday, we decided to take the night off from working on our various projects and instead went to see "National Treasure" at the GTI Roseville theatre on Larpenteur -- $2 movies, $1 on Tuesdays. "National Treasure" was silly fluff, but easily worth the $2 total we spent on tickets.

At work, I've just been re-orged. Same director, new manager. We'll see how this all plays out; so far, so good.

At Worth, I've entered my first illustration contest. There's no risk of my winning -- it's been a long time since I've drawn anything, and I can't draw/paint on a computer at all -- but I think I should at least try each genre once.