Saturday, May 20, 2006


Emma went to bed with a fever last night, and when Emma doesn't sleep well, nobody sleeps well. Kristi had to work at 6:00 this morning, and Emma was vomiting by 8:00. Sigh. We both had plans for the day -- she was going to Sam's birthday party, and I was going to enjoy the three hours of solitude by hanging the drawers for the bed and/or trying my knee on a bike ride. None of it happened; the day was spent sipping tea, watching cartoons, playing "Kim Possible III" on the Game Boy Advance, and reading "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban".

And that's okay. I've had far worse days.

Emma's feeling better now, though she does tend to relapse -- we'll see.

In the midst of it all I found a thread in Worth's general forum that was passing on as possible fact the pretty-well-discredited story about Iran requiring Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians to wear color-coded ribbons reminiscent of Nazi Germany. This led to otherwise reasonable forum-dwellers hinting that use of nuclear weapons again Iran might be a Good Thing -- or at least that the threat of nuclear force might be.

I swear, I don't understand how people negotiate their way through their daily lives sometimes.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You Thought I'd Given Up, Didn't You?

Be honest now.

I haven't given up, really I haven't. But I can't really blog from work, and things are just way hectic at home these days. So here are some scattered notes on life these past few weeks.

Work ... boy, I wish I could blog from and about work, because there's a lot I'd like to say. But you're going to be spared that.

Kristi's Yaris continues to please her. She's still in the "park way the hell away from everybody" phase of new-car ownership, which is fun to watch. She did finally buy gas on Day 8, but we figure she's doing really well on the non-hybrid fuel economy scale.

The bed upstairs is still under construction. The drawer boxes are dovetailed and assembled now, and I put a wipe-on poly finish on the insides just to seal 'em a bit. They're awaiting my having time to hang them; maybe this weekend.

For Mother's Day, Kristi got two presents of note. First, we bought her a tree, an Amur Maple, which is now gracing our backyard. I'll get pictures sometime. Second, her mom came to visit. She's here until Friday evening, which is why I have time to blog a little.

Emma spent her spring break in California with the families, and while she was gone, Finnegan, our last remaining Oranda, passed away. He had been having trouble on and off the last couple of months, but genuinely seemed to be improving; then he just gave up. He lasted six years, which isn't bad for a goldfish, though not anywhere near what he might have done.

I was really looking forward to being a fish-free household. But then, about 9 days ago, Emma and her friends discovered a colony of goldfish living in the water jump pit on the running track at Macalester College. Fourteen of them; somebody had dumped them there, apparently. We ended up rescuing six, two of which died the first night. The four remaining fish are likely to survive, which means we're stuck again.

Last, Emma was diagnosed a couple years ago as being farsighted. No more; she's joined Kristi and me in the myopic world. We'll be picking up her new glasses later this week; watch this space for pictures.