Monday, February 12, 2007

I Find This Funny

I've never heard of Mitch Benn before, but this morning, he's my hero. mp3 hosting provided courtesy my close friend and frequent collaborator, Neil Gaiman.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Valentine's Day Preview

Emma bought a box of Twisted Whisker cards to give out in class. She was dismayed to find that far too many of them were mushy, and that she didn't have enough tame ones for her class. "I'm wallowing in despair!" "I've only got 16! I'm outraged!"

She's hilarious, really.

Kristi spent the day today staffing the Red Cross booth at the Hands On Twin Cities Volunteer Expo, at the Mall of America. Because Emma and I didn't have anything better to do after Emma's swim lesson, we drove over, joined Kristi for lunch, then checked out the other volunteer opportunities. Among the cooler ones I wasn't familiar with were Rebuilding Together Twin Cities, who rehabilitate houses for low-income homeowners, and the Wildcat Sanctuary, north of the Cities in Sandstone.

I notice that the Volunteer Expo was co-sponsored by Thomson-West. Yay team!