Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yeah. Tonight.

21 years ago, I was preparing to move back to Los Angeles, where I'd work for a law firm with Laker season tickets, and get to go to a couple of playoff games and watch Magic, Kareem, Byron, James, Coop, A.C. and (of course) Kurt Rambis. But even though they won a championship that first year I was back in L.A., beating Detroit in seven games and the first repeat championship for any franchise since the sixties, it pales in comparison to beating the Celtics in '85 and '87.

These days, I don't follow sports much, but for this I'll make an exception. Kristi and Emma are in Montana, and from there going to California, so Smudge and I are going to have some serious guy-time in front of the big screen: drinking beer, eating chips and cheering Kobe and Derek and Pau. It won't be the same, even though Kurt's still on the bench, and still suited up -- though now he suits up in, well, a suit.

I'm guessing Kevin McHale will be there. Kurt had better watch his back.