Saturday, June 07, 2008

While I'm Waiting for Game 2 ...

... a very, very brief update on what's been going on in my life lately. Because I just know you care.

At the end of April, I walked across the street to attend the College Bowl national championship tournament, which was hosted at Macalester College. I got to see old friends and teammates Ron Trigueiro and Chris Baxter; both were officiating, and Chris, an events coordinator at Macalester, was handling lots of logistics. Sadly, I see now that College Bowl has officially come to an end. Sad, but I'm glad I got to see another Nationals before it left us.

In May, work sent me to Chicago for three days, for the BEA Participate conference. The main perk, besides three nights on the top floor of the Hyatt Regency, was this sweet thing, an iPod Touch.

(It was, at the time of the photo, piping Jonathan Coulton through some old amplified PC speakers. If you don't know Jonathan Coulton, you should. Well, you should if you like songs about laptops, the Mandelbrot Set, George Plimpton, mad scientists, Ikea, zombies, Kenesaw Mountain Landis, curling, Pluto and Charon, lonely programmers, Leonard Nimoy, and outdoor sex. If you prefer your songs to be about romance 'n stuff, you probably shouldn't bother.)

Also in May, Emma had a ballet recital and a school band concert. She was excited to be able to play her very own Yamaha trombone in the concert, instead of the rental she'd had all year; we picked the Yamaha up, barely used, from eBay. It still had paperwork and a polishing cloth from the music store in Madrid, Spain where it was originally purchased, though the seller was in Arizona.

More later, unless I forget again for a few months.