Saturday, September 18, 2004

Hammer Time

Caution: pointless post ahead.

When my father died in 1999, I inherited his workshop. The stuff that was easily transportable from California to Minnesota came here; the table saw, lathe and antique Shopsmith stayed with my brother-in-law. My brother David didn't express any interest, and that was fine with me; he got other things.

This is the one thing I would have fought tooth and nail to keep: dad's hammer. Single-piece steel head and shank; nothing unusual there. But the grip is laminated wood. I've never seen another like it. The bottom of the handle was manufacturer-stamped, but it's worn and hard to read. Definitely says "Made in U.S.A." and "16 Oz Head." I think the manufacturer name is "Oxford," but honestly, that's a guess. Not a heavy hammer, ideal for around-the-house stuff.

I imagine that it'd look better if I cleaned it up, but I never will. Every paint-fleck has a story, even if I don't know it.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go use it for something or other.