Friday, December 24, 2004

The Combined Birthday/Christmas Haul

Yes, I know, Christmas is a time for giving. But it's also a time for getting -- and all the more so when it's in close proximity with your birthday. So with no further ado: this year's haul.

The Birthday Haul:
  • From Ming: a bag of jumbo Red Vines (also known as "The Food of the Gods"). Not to mention some ginormous cupcakes and a huge container of tiny donuts.
  • From Scooter: over 30 years in the making, the long-awaited novelization of "Yellow Submarine." (And a burrito.)
  • From my mom: a check, which next to cash really is the best gift.
  • From my parents-in-law, a virtual treasure-trove: Buffy Season 6 on DVD, "Return of the King" (yes, the extended widescreen 4-disc set), and "When Pancakes Go Bad," by some dude named Muchnick. Hey! My name's in there!
  • From Kristi's sister Loria and her family: a CompUSA gift card. How perfect is that?
  • From my daughter: a home-made yo-yo. (Elastic, rubber bands and a large bead. "You'll put your eye out, kid.")
  • And, last but way far from least, from my lovely wife: a Canon PowerShot A85. Oh, yay!
The Christmas Haul (smaller, since Kristi's family draws names, but every bit as sweet):