Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So, What The Heck Is Larry Up To?

Yeah, not blogging, obviously.

We're still painting Emma's room. Painting is slow. If you only have an hour or so at a time, and you know you have to spend the last chunk of that time cleaning brushes and rollers, it doesn't seem worth the effort. So it's going slowly -- but we should be done in a day or two (just trim and a second coat on the closet remaining).

Emma's first-grade play is on Thursday -- some jungle thing. She's an elephant. Yes, I'll tease her about that for years to come, probably contributing to an eating disorder that will eventually destroy her life. But I'll have fun while it lasts.

Kristi's on her last week of training, which means she moves to her regular, afternoon/evening schedule next week. Our life will change a lot -- I'll have Emma solo a lot more than either of us is used to. I'm still not sure I'm mentally prepared for that.

In my abundant spare time, I'm doing something I never thought I'd do. I'm rewriting CDFFL from the ground up. At least, I think I am; I just started, and there's plenty of time until anybody asks "Are you ready for some football?" for me to change my mind.

And I'm rewriting it in PHP.


Why am I doing this? A few reasons. First, CDFFL is overdue for an overhaul. Kevin rewrote it nearly every year when he was its steward; I've made incremental changes, but much (probably most) of the current code remains Kevin's.

Second, I get an education. I thought about doing it in Perl, but PHP is (and I can't believe I'm saying this) better suited for website development. Plus, it's something new to learn. Learning is good -- or so I keep telling Emma. (She rolls her eyes.)

The more important reason: it's significantly cheaper to get webhosting for PHP/MySQL than it is for Java. And I'd like to get CDFFL off of my workstation and out onto the wild, wild internet. This will enable remote users to have the same functionality as those here at West -- and free those here at West from worrying about me rebooting in the middle of roster selection. Maybe I can interest a few Worthers or Superman-Tim members in participating, getting the team owner base up to 50 or more. I figure I can bump up the registration fee a buck or two (or leave it the same and skim some of the registration proceeds from additional users), and cover most of the webhosting costs -- and I'll get a domain and website to play with. Everybody wins.

Well, everybody but Brad. Brad never wins. Not if I can help it.