Wednesday, August 24, 2005

CDFFL 2005

What appears below is an email sent out to some very lucky people today. If you didn't receive it, it's not because I don't like you; it's because you have an overly aggressive spam-blocker. I promise, I sent it to you. I swear. In fact, I didn't send it to anybody else until I'd sent it to you twice.

It'll turn up eventually, but in the meantime, you can read it here.

If you're the happy recipient of this email, it probably means you've
  1. played CDFFL in the past;
  2. politely expressed some vague interest in it while I was hitting on you at a post-project-release happy hour; or
  3. tried to run away from me while I was talking up its virtues in the men's room.
No matter what your level of prior participation, though, I think you're going to find this year a whole new ball game.

Once safely contained behind West's iron-clad firewall, CDFFL has broken loose! It's now free to roam the Internet, to destroy Tokyo with its laser-beam eyes and fiery breath, to raise the prime interest rate, to nominate itself to the Supreme Court ...

Sorry. Where was I?

Oh, right. This freedom means that anyone with $10 and an internet connection can play CDFFL. Fired from West? Not a problem; you can play. Short-term memory loss? Doesn't matter; you can play. Short-term memory loss? Yes, you can play too! Whether you're in Eagan, Stillwater, Dillsburg, Pasadena, Wichita, or (heaven forbid) Fresno -- we don't care, you can play.

Whether you can win or not is, of course, a whole other matter.

Please visit CDFFL at its new home,
. There's a "visit the site without becoming a member" option on the login screen; use it to poke around. If you're an old-timer, you'll find a few new features -- and more will become evident as we move into the season. If you've never played before, they're all new features; visit the Rules page for an overview of the whole thing.

hen register for the league, dig deep in your wallet and fork over ten hard-earned dollars (and please, don't tell me how you earned them; I really don't want to know) for a season of fantabulous fantasy football fun. And invite your friends -- especially the stupid ones with money to burn. You know who they are.