Saturday, March 31, 2007

Christopher Moore

So last night Klund, Scooter, Poo-Tee-Wheet and I had a fine dinner at Jewel of India, and then drove across the river to the U of M's student union and a "reading" and book signing by Christopher Moore, who is touring to promote his latest book, You Suck. "Reading" is in quotes because Moore doesn't do readings; instead he rambles for about an hour from notecards (post-its, actually), newspaper articles, and anything else he can think of. The podcast isn't up yet on the U's website, but I'll try to remember to post a link when it is. Basically there was a lot of foul language (including proper spelling thereof), some discussion of chest-shaving as it relates to book tours, many put-downs of Hollywood types, the usual sorts of unexpected (not to say "shallow") questions ("What's your favorite simile you've written?"), and a goodly number of laughs.

I didn't buy a book for Mr. Moore to sign, mostly because Lamb is not currently available in hardback. However, Moore revealed that there will be a new hardbound "gift" edition of Lamb out sometime this year, and I will definitely pick that up and catch him on his next tour.

Interestingly, in a brief conversation I had with Moore while he was signing Kevin's copy of Lamb, I learned that he was working at the little restaurant in Harmony, California when he wrote his first book, Practical Demonkeeping. Since it was copyrighted in 1995, there's a good chance Moore was working there when Kristi and I got married in the Harmony wedding chapel in 1994. I will from now on be claiming that Moore was at our wedding. Try to prove me wrong.

UPDATE: it has come to my attention that Practical Demonkeeping was copyright 1992, meaning that Chris Moore was well on his way to publishing superstardom by the time Kristi and I got married in Harmony. Rather than indicating that Moore wasn't at our wedding, I prefer to think of this as meaning he was there, but incognito, as befits a rising star of his magnitude.

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