Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Except for our Canadian friends. (Did you wish me a happy Thanksgiving when you had yours? No? Then don't complain.)

We've had snow falling gently all morning (all night, really). Big, fat flakes. Not sticking too much, but still very pretty, especially for my mom, who is visiting from California.

Later we'll be having our traditional meat-free feast, accompanied by "Alice's Restaurant." Call us hippies if you like.

Which reminds me: does every Jimmy John's have a "No Hippies Allowed" sign inside, or just the South Saint Paul franchise? That combined with the sign dissin' the French ("Bread so French it has to be liberated") and the U.S./God sign whose language I can't recall offhand, and I felt pretty much out of place and completely uninclined to try it a second time. Just sayin'.