Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Life Imitates Art

There's a scene near the end of the fifth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that plays out thusly:

SPIKE: Uh, Will? Now, uh, don't turn me into a horned toad for asking, but what if we come across Ben?

WILLOW: I don't think a doctor's what Buffy needs right now.

SPIKE: Well, yeah. Especially not one who also happens to be Glory.

GILES: What do you mean?

SPIKE: You know. Ben is Glory.

WILLOW: You mean Ben's with Glory?

XANDER: "With" in what sense?

ANYA: They're working together?

SPIKE: No no. Ben is Glory. Glory's Ben. They're one and the same.

ANYA: When did all this happen?

SPIKE: Not one hour ago! Right here, before your very eyes! Ben came, turned into Glory, snatched the kid, and - phhht! - vanished. Remember? You do remember? Is everyone here very stoned? Ben. Glory. He's a doctor. She's the Beast. Two entirely separate entities, sharing one body. It's like a bloody sitcom! Surely, you remember!

XANDER: So you're saying, Ben and Glory ...

ANYA: ... have a connection.

GILES: Yes, obviously. But what kind?

SPIKE: Oh, I get it. Very crafty. Glory's worked the kind of mojo where anyone who sees her little presto-chango instantly forgets. And yours truly, being somewhat other than human, stands immune.

WILLOW: So, Ben and Glory are ... the same person?

XANDER: Glory can turn into Ben, and Ben turns back into Glory.

ANYA: And anyone who sees it instantly forgets.

SPIKE: And a kewpie doll for the lady.

GILES: Excellent. Now, do we suspect that there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?

I have now watched this very scene play out at work, twice, in regard to my current project. And there's another meeting to discuss the very same topic again today. No doubt there will be more such meetings, continuing into the future ad nauseum.

EDITED because of homonym abuse (thanks, Maggie).