Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just Fantastic

This afternoon, Emma was visiting our former next-door neighbors (who now live in Hudson, Wisconsin), and Kristi had the brilliant notion of going to see "Batman Begins" at the IMAX at the Minnesota Zoo. Showtime 4:15, and she arrives in the West parking lot at 4:05. Hrm. Change of plan; we'll see it at the nice, stadium-seating multiplex near Scooter's house, where it's playing at 4:30. Only it's not playing at 4:30, it's playing at 3:20 and 7:15.

Kristi sure knows how to plan a date.

So, since we're at the theatre anyway, we end up instead seeing "Fantastic 4" at a 4:35 showing. Not as bad as would have you believe, though I doubt they'll be making the sequel they so blatantly set up. Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans were solid in their performances as Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm, respectively (and you've gotta love Stan Lee for coming up with names like those). The oddly-named Ioan Gruffudd gets the thankless task of playing the greatest stiff in all of comics, Reed Richards, and is rewarded with getting to share screentime with Jessica Alba as Sue Storm, who needs to (a) fire her hairdresser, (b) fire her acting coach, and (c) bury her lip gloss somewhere in the back yard. Sue is Richards's ex, and the current romantic focus of Richards's rival Victor Von Doom (thanks again, Stan!). And sure, she looks hot in her jumpsuit, but considering she's the apex of a lover's triangle, she's got chemistry with nobody.

No real surprises here. It was workmanlike in its approach, and ultimately delivered, but there wasn't much that made you go "Yeah!" the way both of the "Spiderman" movies have.

For Kevin, I give it a 61.