Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Busy Busy Busy

So much little stuff going on. Smudge is amazingly noisy and needy, and much more fond of me and Kristi than he is of Emma. Free Image Hosting at Emma, consequently, is becoming somewhat bored with him. I suppose we should have predicted all of that. He's getting along okay with Rambis, who has become the most tolerant cat ever in her old age. Izzy, however, is obviously holding a grudge about the whole situation, and I wonder if they'll ever coexist happily.

At work, the long-awaited move is tomorrow night. My new cube will look exactly like my old cube, only much neater; moving is great incentive to throw things out. Just ask Heather. (Or come to think of it, maybe you shouldn't.) Oh, and it'll have a window next to it. That's a sure sign that I've moved up as high as I'm going to go. The next "promotion," they'll put me outside the window.

As long as I'm catching up on old posts, "The Princess Bride" finally turned up. Remember when I said it wasn't in the DVD player? I was wrong. The problem is, it was in the DVD player. Like, way in. Don't ask me how that happened; I really don't want to think about it. The player was making a very unpleasant grinding sound when playing other discs, and finally just stopped playing anything. Since there was a library DVD inside it at the time, and since the drawer wouldn't open, I unscrewed the cover. And there was "The Princess Bride". Apparently it was shorting something out; after I removed it, the player worked perfectly.

I still haven't tried to play it yet; I know it's ruined, but I don't have the heart to actually witness it. Kristi thinks I'm nuts.