Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Contrary to expectations, this morning was a breeze. The static CDFFL site for non-Westies is available on Tripod; the far-superior, dynamic, JSP-based site remains behind our corporate firewall. Maybe someday, after all of our remodeling is done and Kristi is pulling down a salary again, I'll be able to afford to use a J2EE-happy web hosting service with database support, and I can really open this thing up to non-Westies.

Or maybe someday I'll just quit running it.

UPDATE: Yeah, I'll quit running it. :) I forgot that the NFL, in its infinite lack of wisdom, doesn't publish stats for kickers who don't have a field goal, regardless of how many extra points they have. I assume there's a good reason for this, like, "It's mandated by paragraph 3:R of the Collective Bargaining Agreement," or, "Oh, um, we're idiots," or something.